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Happy New Year ~ wishing all a creative 2018


Breathing Time

Freedom took my breath away
And I thought I could fly
But I sit here in stillness
Waiting for the clock to tick
For time to change the world

Unseeing eyes brush past
Speaking as if they know
But no-one truly touches
Another’s empty space

The moon takes hold of the sun
Watching in the cool darkness
As the heavens slide earthwards
And fold into the jagged horizon
Each myth tells its story
In cycles of forgotten history
Shifting infinite shapes that show
Connecting years of light
That reach my eyes too late

Glance sideways at the clock face
The second-hand freezes with my heart
Time stops for one breath-held moment
Until the stars tilt and fall again
The inevitable journey begins
Speeding up and expanding space
As I watch everything drift away
Beyond the unseen boundaries of life
From where I stand
I walk away and wonder
Where my history will go
Which star will tell my story

I start to run towards the sunset
Gaining momentum from each stride
Reaching out to grasp the fire
Igniting within white light
Engulfed by cool flames
Here then gone
I breathe the freedom
And fly in the stillness

Journey Returned

Lured back to the world
By a road lined with cards
Lifted from the pain of sleep
Travelling far and deep
Finding myself returned
After knowing the darkness
Seeking a starlit lantern
Via paths of symbols
Paved with signs
Leading ever onwards
Past the watchful towers
Into charmed waters beyond
Sinking through layered depths
Of lost understanding
Never perceived until now
Threads feel connection
Floating with release
From a plinth of chains
Carried to freedom
Splintered atoms fly
High and scattered
Spilled over aeons
Revealing stardust
Behind veiled skies

Ace of Diamonds (in a Hanged Man year)

A tree
Flow of time
The pendulum
Waiting to slow
Past future now
Swung to and fro
The past let me go
World upside-down
Changing perspectives
Barely providing support
Only the strings are elastic
My inverted body as a puppet
Limp from the ankle to the neck
Swinging as The Hanged Man sees
Falling apart as I sway on the branch
Swinging as The Hanged Man saw
Limp from the neck to the ankle
A puppet in my inverted body
Elastic pulled by my strings
Provides supporting things
Perspectives all changed
A world right-side-up
Letting go of all past
Swinging forwards
Present here now
Slow to waiting
The pendulum
Time in flow