Unwanted Things

Daybreak… yet I prefer sleep
Hiding in the soft shadow
Eyes shut against unwanted light
Night is a place of nothing
Cocooned by a black blanket
Shrouded under starlight
Stillness in the unknown
Hearing gone
Thoughts nowhere
Remembering even less
Safe from waking dreams
Wandering silent lands
Until birds begin to sing
Sun filters through the veil
Pulling the unwilling soul
Back into cruel memory
As a voice once said,
“Dawn breaks into darkness
Forcing us to see unwanted things”
And I am slowly awakened
Awaiting the clarity
Of what the unwanted brings.



What makes us wake each day
Hit the alarm then roll over
To squirm in the sheets
Warm softest clouds
Toes peep out, tasting
Cool air, retract,
Safe within the cave
But time ticks awake
The clocks knows
And tells it so
Snooze is over
Blasts the radio
Do I hear it?