Birds, Trees and Hedgerows

I have been missing for a while, occupied with other projects, but today I’m posting this photo poem in response to the disgusting netting of trees and hedges in the UK. Building developers want to stop wildlife and birds interfering with their plans. So, because it is illegal to cut down a tree with nesting birds, this is how they get round it. Sadly wildlife is frequently trapped. Cruel and disturbing is an understatement.

To quote Chris Packham, our beloved TV naturalist, ‘…it’s a shameful indictment of mismanagement and a brutal ignorance of how to look after the countryside. Sickening.”

The article ends by saying, ‘…useful management tools to guide animals away from particular areas.’ Surely everyone loves garden birds – robins, wrens, blue tits, thrushes, blackbirds and our favourite cheeky sparrows plus many more.

Everything that is netted is to be destroyed and it’s happening throughout the UK. All in the name of greed. And do not tell me they are building ‘affordable’ housing. Round here no new build is affordable. It is horrendous.

What upsets me, apart from the obvious, is the ignorance shown throughout the world regarding nature, especially trees. Without them we die, they are our lungs. Why is this not understood? There is something very sinister stalking our beautiful planet.

Please share this picture if you wish, however, those in the UK, I urge you to sign the petition to stop this awful practice:








The Coat of Woolly Clanger

If I could knit, I’d purl you a ‘Clanger’ coat,
To cushion against life’s overwhelming din
A covering layer of pink woolly protection
To softly cocoon your raw, sensitive skin.

Snuggled deep inside where it feels so safe
Ensconced within a strong fluffy boundary
Untouched as life bounces off your space
A place where you can sleep so soundly.

Next time life gives your door a beating
Greet the world with arms open wide
Standing tall in your pink skinned suit
Smiling with no need to run and hide.


Picture of Tiny Clanger courtesy of Rootspins on Etsy. Visit the link and give one a home.