Ancient Silence

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A poem I wrote in 2014 asked to live with this Dryad




Leaves of Stone

Aeons of years have passed
I watch you wandering by
Hidden in my foliage
Seeing through pagan eyes.

Secret earth-god remnant
Stone masons left me here
Hanging in the Cloisters
Gazing down with foliate leer.

I am the green intruder
Within the Christian walls
But I was here before the cross,
Since polytheistic fall.

Scan the carvings closely
Seek hard so ye will find
Speaking mouths of spewing green
On seasoned faces wind.

I am the source of life
Memory of nature’s god
Root of all the forest
Green earth is where I trod.

When this path you walk
Feel the leaves that grow
Where I rule above you
Within a herald of stone.