Forgive me if I’m not around
I disappear into a lack of energy
Burned by life…
But believe me when I say
That I am near you
With thoughts of wonder
Wishing we had longer days



You sneaky creature dressed in black skin
Creeping up behind my lack of awareness
Now you sit on my left side dancing astride
My inability to move or cry into your round
Mischievous yellow condemning sad eyes
I did not know you were coming to see me
And wish you would leave me alone to die
As I have died over the years whilst you
Laughed from that small place infested
By your intangible darkness which always
Seems to grab hold of this defected heart
That falters under the strain of non-living.

Tell them I tried under the burden of ten
My energy sapped by driven urges to live
Yet… I do not…

Yellow Eyes