Ten Seconds

Ten seconds sooner… I smile at the back of your car
That whoosh and the roar as you tore up the road
A bid to win as you slid in the gap with inches to spare
Arriving ten seconds sooner ~ and I am there.

Ten seconds later in a pile of dust and rusty parts
Blue lights announcing the phone in your hand
I slide past remembering when a wise voice said
“Better to be late in this world than early in the next.”

Dedicated to the wise words of our Dad, the best driver ever.

Breathing Leaves

The leaves
That I breathe
As I drive
Through the trees
Speak to me
Of green in my veins
Calling from days
When running free
In air so clean
Not even this place
Brings back
A tangible trace
Of that which is lost
To those who
Drive too fast
And pass
The leafy blur
A speeding scene
Flying past
Melting away
Hold their breath
Lowering the glass
Breeze whipped hair
Feel the fresh sting
Dampness of earth
Washing the skin
Permeates into
Shrivelled cells
From lack
Of sight