Breathing Time

Freedom took my breath away
And I thought I could fly
But I sit here in stillness
Waiting for the clock to tick
For time to change the world

Unseeing eyes brush past
Speaking as if they know
But no-one truly touches
Another’s empty space

The moon takes hold of the sun
Watching in the cool darkness
As the heavens slide earthwards
And fold into the jagged horizon
Each myth tells its story
In cycles of forgotten history
Shifting infinite shapes that show
Connecting years of light
That reach my eyes too late

Glance sideways at the clock face
The second-hand freezes with my heart
Time stops for one breath-held moment
Until the stars tilt and fall again
The inevitable journey begins
Speeding up and expanding space
As I watch everything drift away
Beyond the unseen boundaries of life
From where I stand
I walk away and wonder
Where my history will go
Which star will tell my story

I start to run towards the sunset
Gaining momentum from each stride
Reaching out to grasp the fire
Igniting within white light
Engulfed by cool flames
Here then gone
I breathe the freedom
And fly in the stillness



I dreamt of you all last night
Arguing and dancing
Remembering as I cried
Wanting to hold memories
Because in that dream space
I knew you would all die

Kneeling before you
Holding your hand
As I did through that time
Music began to play
Laughter and smiling
Wishing we could stay

Woken by sobbing pain
And an empty house
Knowing I’d never see you
Not one of you ever again
So I pen that memory
In my journal with rhyme
Sensing an impending end
Feeling the edge of my time.

Written by Debbie Freeman

The Feathered Gift

You came back that bleak Christmas
Dad’s favourite winged wonder.
He was gone and you were there
In the garden reminding Mum and me
With your green and red feathers
Of his love for our guest woodpecker
You seemed like a gift from above.

There you were again this Christmas
And now there’s only me
Gazing from the window
Like a caged bird trapped in a world
Bereft of freedom lost to meaning.
You sat in the tree as if watching
Minutes passed by in our stillness
As I remembered those days
When we three respected in awe
That nature graced our garden
Abide with me little bird…
Abide with me a little more.

DSCF6269 - Copy


Specks of rust line the bath
Iron pipes rusty and age old
Invisible problems sink unseen
Head under water; an ostrich


Log stillness on tepid floating
Waiting as metal holes open
Swallowed by the spiral chute


Otherworldly falling like Alice
Flying in a swirling whirlpool
Spinning around an unfair life


Ultimately the plug is pulled
Jagged rust grabs the scale
Stuck amidst the soggy pools


Unable to leave all the decay
That which holds faint sparks
Hope flickering on a dark day
Spluttering fading dying away



You sneaky creature dressed in black skin
Creeping up behind my lack of awareness
Now you sit on my left side dancing astride
My inability to move or cry into your round
Mischievous yellow condemning sad eyes
I did not know you were coming to see me
And wish you would leave me alone to die
As I have died over the years whilst you
Laughed from that small place infested
By your intangible darkness which always
Seems to grab hold of this defected heart
That falters under the strain of non-living.

Tell them I tried under the burden of ten
My energy sapped by driven urges to live
Yet… I do not…

Yellow Eyes