Roar of the Wind

Roar of the wind rattles the blinds
Thrusting through a nearly closed window
And I hear your voice remembering
When wind howled down the chimney
Reminding you of the farm so remote
‘Mournful’, you said, ‘Through the chicken runs’
As gales blew down from bleak moors
Yearning for a view yet you ran away
To hide in uniformed freedom
Drilled lines fed your longing mind
Intellect held soundly in wired code
Secret world of dashes and dots
You lived in the spaces between
Held a key of gifted understanding
An enigma that remains mum
Forever obscured now the storm is done

From the window of the house Mum ran away from to join the WAAF.
She yearned for the moors, but not the life.



Forgive me if I’m not around
I disappear into a lack of energy
Burned by life…
But believe me when I say
That I am near you
With thoughts of wonder
Wishing we had longer days

Breathing Time

Freedom took my breath away
And I thought I could fly
But I sit here in stillness
Waiting for the clock to tick
For time to change the world

Unseeing eyes brush past
Speaking as if they know
But no-one truly touches
Another’s empty space

The moon takes hold of the sun
Watching in the cool darkness
As the heavens slide earthwards
And fold into the jagged horizon
Each myth tells its story
In cycles of forgotten history
Shifting infinite shapes that show
Connecting years of light
That reach my eyes too late

Glance sideways at the clock face
The second-hand freezes with my heart
Time stops for one breath-held moment
Until the stars tilt and fall again
The inevitable journey begins
Speeding up and expanding space
As I watch everything drift away
Beyond the unseen boundaries of life
From where I stand
I walk away and wonder
Where my history will go
Which star will tell my story

I start to run towards the sunset
Gaining momentum from each stride
Reaching out to grasp the fire
Igniting within white light
Engulfed by cool flames
Here then gone
I breathe the freedom
And fly in the stillness