The Ice Cream Maker

All the years the gadget sat in the cold
Never a strawberry, never a raspberry
Never banana, never chocolate flavour
After the decades had gone by, I asked
In all the years that’s been in the freezer
How come we never saw any ice cream
Never did I expect your confounding reply
Slightly unsettled I laughed at your words
Which tasted like several hidden layers
Oh I made ice cream, whole pints of it
But it was so good I ate it all myself
And the gadget sat in the freezer
Held by your frozen hand prints
Until it melted into nothing
And now it’s gone

© 2021 Debbie Freeman

The Ice Cream Maker 3

Paved with Tarot

I love the eclectic symbolism of the esoteric world contained in tarot. It is with anticipation and excitement that I wait to enter Arkartia when this world is created. A learning platform for study and self-development where archetypes will come to life. A place to be explored which is why my curious nature wants to walk in this realm.



No one will ever truly know what this feels like
Because no one truly asks
If they did truly ask I would tell them right truly
Because there is no truly
My truly withered away in the silence of loss
Now it is truly gone
In a deafening nothingness that truly lives
With ghostly truths
Longing to be heard because truly is wrong.

The Coat of Woolly Clanger

If I could knit, I’d purl you a ‘Clanger’ coat,
To cushion against life’s overwhelming din
A covering layer of pink woolly protection
To softly cocoon your raw, sensitive skin.

Snuggled deep inside where it feels so safe
Ensconced within a strong fluffy boundary
Untouched as life bounces off your space
A place where you can sleep so soundly.

Next time life gives your door a beating
Greet the world with arms open wide
Standing tall in your pink skinned suit
Smiling with no need to run and hide.


Picture of Tiny Clanger courtesy of Rootspins on Etsy. Visit the link and give one a home.


Squishing Squirrels

Bewildered squirrel on the road
Dashing to and fro
Feathered brush
Swishing, twitching
Blind in panic
I wait for it to go.

Squishing squirrels isn’t fun
They don’t understand
Dangerous roads
Of metal toads
On peaceful autumn runs.

Unsquished squirrel ran away
To hunt nuts another day
Bewildered drivers
Swearing, flashing
Get stuffed
Or you’ll end up squished prey.


Pleeeeeese don’t squish me