Tides of Difference


The Bony Silence

I sit in the bony silence and my thoughts slide towards darkness
And I am frightened at how pleasing the alluring stillness feels
Wanting the inner world to stop winding tightly around my heart
To allow sleep without the gnawing dreams that follow waking
Flooding my daylight hope in a painful exhaustive ordeal
That is slowly pulling the world I thought I knew apart

Once, time stood still and now it moves again – without me
I watch and wait as one by one all drift to another place
Lives so removed from here, distant and untouchable
No sound, no voice, no comfort, no love, no one
Wondering what karma lost me in this isolated maze
What part I played in the destruction of life once liveable

Riding heaving waves, I cling to my ‘grieving’ boat
Navigating the ups and downs with no rudder
Wondering when the storm will eventually pass by
Then a voice whispered to hold on more tightly
To wait inside the eye with the bony silent thunder
For there’s a bigger storm hunting my lonely cries.


I am the epitome
Of everything feared
I’ve walked to the edge
Of a crumbling cliff
And stared into the abyss
Of a million deaths
Places where dreams fell
Into an earth shattering hell
Where fire consumed the plan
Carried on a devil’s back
One track of ashen footprints
I’ve walked that arid sand
Finally reaching this high point
As you walked the other way
Unwilling to take the leap
The edge collapsed, I jumped
And broke into a thousand shards
Of mirrored lands

Fragments of a life never lived
In the realm of a truth thief
Who stole the vision of me
Obscured the soul
Took the whole of myself

I fell
And I am still falling…