I am here, on a journey, in the woods, writing about life, mine and yours. It is a rite, it is my right. I am compelled to write. I love the play on words.

Words carry me through the Land of Blog where I can express insane thoughts that float into my world. Some personal, some random, others just observation, but I own all sentiments and feelings whether experienced or not.

My expressions help exorcise the pain of a chronic illness, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome – Joint Hypermobility Type III. Without poetry I would go completely mad, although I wonder if I’m already certifiable.

Whilst I may not post poetry as often as I would like, my mind is forever chewing on rhyme.

Arcaya is me – I am Debbie Freeman – and all poetry posted here belongs to me and my creative muse. Please feel free to wander in my world.

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