The Ice Cream Maker

All the years the gadget sat in the cold
Never a strawberry, never a raspberry
Never banana, never chocolate flavour
After the decades had gone by, I asked
In all the years that’s been in the freezer
How come we never saw any ice cream
Never did I expect your confounding reply
Slightly unsettled I laughed at your words
Which tasted like several hidden layers
Oh I made ice cream, whole pints of it
But it was so good I ate it all myself
And the gadget sat in the freezer
Held by your frozen hand prints
Until it melted into nothing
And now it’s gone

© 2021 Debbie Freeman

The Ice Cream Maker 3

2 thoughts on “The Ice Cream Maker

  1. The sad story of a gadget that is no longer used and all that ice cream eaten in the past in secret. So they were not a “secret lemonade drinker”, they were a “secret ice cream eater.”

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