Never A Chance

“I think you could do well,
If they gave you a chance”
After a silence, she spoke to the page
Full of dreams and creative leaning
Pleased at the praise a childish squirm
Yet her meaning was missed by age
For they never gave that chance
Undrawn, unacted, unsung
Unheard words and dances undone.

I hear her today as her eyes met mine
Our fleeting glance affirmed through time
They got rid of her in only one term
Her insight and care had not complied
Terrified of loss in floods of rare tears
Begging to escape them and fear
But I will never forget how she saw me
On a page of illustrated poetry
What if they had listened to her
What if she had been the one
Who by seeing my soul set it free
Allowing creative truth to run
Chasing a chance under blazing suns.


© 2019 Debbie Freeman

4 thoughts on “Never A Chance

  1. For me this poem seems to be saying how one person can recognise the potential in someone else that others cannot, or don’t want to see. There must be lots of talented people out there who have never been given “that chance.” To me, these words highlight how some people are threatened by talented people. But if that person doesn’t have talent then how are they able to create such expressive and meaningful words?

    • Thank you for commenting Colin. Yes, there are so many out there who get repressed, bypassed or don’t feel they can follow their dreams. Hope you are following yours 🙂

  2. “Never A Chance”, what a beautiful title and so poignant too. So many who may have shone and done incredible things. The words are so true and woven into a style that makes you wish that nobody ever had to be the one with “Never A Chance”. Beautifully written as ever.

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