Roar of the Wind

Roar of the wind rattles the blinds
Thrusting through a nearly closed window
And I hear your voice remembering
When wind howled down the chimney
Reminding you of the farm so remote
‘Mournful’, you said, ‘Through the chicken runs’
As gales blew down from bleak moors
Yearning for a view yet you ran away
To hide in uniformed freedom
Drilled lines fed your longing mind
Intellect held soundly in wired code
Secret world of dashes and dots
You lived in the spaces between
Held a key of gifted understanding
An enigma that remains mum
Forever obscured now the storm is done

From the window of the house Mum ran away from to join the WAAF.
She yearned for the moors, but not the life.


4 thoughts on “Roar of the Wind

  1. Debbie, that poem gave me goosebumps literally, I watch the enigma code, your mum gave a great service and you honour her so much with this poem. My mum ran from Scotland to do the same but became a nurse. Your poetry is so beautiful and touches the Soul. I am so glad that you share what you write with us all. Thank you for being so brave to share your heart and soul to us

  2. Emotive words that me me feel a longing for more innocent times. I felt the confusion that arises when you are propelled into a different environment and how it changes you as a person. But still in a more complex world you can find comfort with thoughts of the more simpler past.

  3. Debbie Have just found this on my facebook – very emotional – brings back memories of that sad little house Mum lived in – lovely poem and tribute to her

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