An Empty Jar

Time and again I found myself sitting by an empty jar
Wondering why it was void of memorable preserves
Was life that much of a vacuum with nowt to witness
No evidence left or recorded for the eye to observe

Then ethereal visions stirred within the cloudy glass
Vague images floating like ghostly veils on a tide
Travelling a time tunnel of all that formed the past
Remembering young days lived with wide open eyes

What record is there to show we walked this path
Footprints dissolve when running on golden sand
Our initials carved deep on the trunks of old trees
Long overgrown by years lived in a present land

Day to day, month by month, year through year
Memories scattered to all corners of this quest
Picked up by those who joined the long voyage
Sharing laughter, cups of tea and blazing sunsets

So if the jar had stood there topped to the brim
Laden with futile layers lived behind closed doors
Showing unproductive days wasted on idle thought
In truth it is far better to embark on life’s grand tour

An empty jar is a happy jar when life is lived to the full
Its empty spaces those adventures that followed a star
Creating dreams of possibility through the wider world
Embodying experience stored within our neural memoirs


4 thoughts on “An Empty Jar

  1. For me this symbolizes the jar of life, it appears empty but gets filled by all our different experiences. Just as we start each day with a clean slate the jar can be empty and then life fills it up again, so for me it is a bottomless jar continually changing.

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